Why you should have your own website and your own domain

Why you should have your own personal website and a domain name

People, like businesses, need to have an online presence. There is a multitude of ways to create an online presence for yourself or your business but none of them beats up having your own website and your own domain name. Here is why!

1. You have your own personal website, you control its content!

Unlike social media which doesn’t really allow you to customize your page, a personal website can look exactly as you like. If it is yours then you can control every single pixel! It gives you the freedom to be creative.

2. You have your own personal website, you control its privacy

Yes, your website means your terms and conditions and your privacy policy. You don’t want everybody to see your website, no problem, it is yours so you can password protect its content for example. A picture of you posted on a social media platform belongs to that platform, it doesn’t belong to you anymore! If it is on your website then it is 100% yours. Again, what I mean is the same thing I said before, you control the content of your website, 100% control over the content!

3. You have your own personal website, it is your resume and your portfolio

It is the first thing someone might see about you. You can showcase on your website your entire work! You can show your skills and your abilities to a potential employer. A personal website is the easiest way to show everybody who you are as a professional. It is all your information in one place accessible with a single click from everywhere in the world.

4. You have your own personal website, you should buy your own domain name

It is yourname.com and it is cheap (around 15 USD / year), go buy it right now! You don’t have to do anything with it. For sure at one point you will use it, so buy it before someone else will! What better proof of professionalism you want!

Of course, I could write reasons why someone shouldn’t have an online presence at all and to be honest, with all this data collection thing that is going on at the moment, probably you should be very careful what you post online about your private life.

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