004 – Python Expression Statements

Expressions ca be used as statements, on a line by itself. In this case the result of the expression won’t be saved, so, expressions are commonly used as statements in two situations:

  • For calls to functions and methods – Some functions and methods do their work without returning a value so you may want to call these functions with expression statements.
  • For printing values at the terminal – Python echoes back the results of expressions typed at the terminal line.

Common Python expression statements:

  • Function calls – f_name(a, b)
  • Method calls – f_name.a(b)
  • Printing variables in the terminal – f_name
  • Printing operations – print(a, b, c, sep='')
  • Yielding expression statements – yield x ** 2

Expressions can appear as statements in Python, statements cannot be used as expressions. A statement that is not an expression must generally appear on a line all by itself, not nested in a larger syntactic structure.

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