American farmers and agricultural businesses

American farmers who have thousands of hectares and obtained record crops which later are completely sold to their customers are always indebted to banks. They are forced to work as the contract stipulates, according to the customer wish: use the seed the customer wants, use the technology the customer wants, use the equipment the customer wants etc.

The American farmer has a tractor and he is able to plough 65 hectares a day but he can not get rid of his debts because always he has to buy new equipment, other fertilizers, other herbicides etc. If something unexpected occurs, a drought for example, and he has to use a greater quantity of water for irrigation, then he is ruined.

You have to invest a lot in agriculture. You must have very firm long term delivery contracts in order to survive, otherwise doing business in agricultural field is pointless. For the stupid crowd everything is chaotic but for those people who have access to information everything is in perfect order. Only fools run much and pointless. They do everything chaotic hoping that everything will be fine, but it won’t.

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