Ana Pauker – dictator of Romania

Starting on March 6, 1945, when Doctor Petru Groza government was established, Stalin (Generalissimo Joseph Visarionovici Djudasvili) wanted the head of state to be Ana Pauker (Jew born in Romania), but the Romanian communists were able to convince him that’s not good, because Romania is a patriarchal country and people will not like this move.

Then, Ana Pauker was named the Minister of Foreign Affairs but in fact she was leading Romania in a dictatorial way. Ana Pauker “landing” was made in 1953 after Stalin’s death (according to some historians) or 2 weeks before Stalin’s death and from his own initiative (according to other historians).

Molotov, the Soviet Foreign Minister, intervened personally to Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej to held Ana Pauker under house arrest rather than in jail.

During Ana Pauker’s leadership time, many peasants were incarcerated in prisons or their health was destroyed because of working in the Danube Delta on reeds where they had been deported on charges of sabotage by no delivery the shares. Marcel Pauker, husband of Ana Pauker was one of millions of victims of Stalinist repression, tried and sentenced as a Zionist spy. Ana Pauker’s brother had declared himself to be Zionist. Ana Pauker was blamed of right deviationism.

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