The anarchism as a concept was introduced in vocabulary by royalist authorities in Europe. If crowned heads are falling then the result will be anarchy, according to those respective authorities. Don’t think that inside these organizations, with the purpose of killing the crowned heads, there was anarchy. On the contrary, it was a very strict discipline.

Any anarchist attack was meticulously prepared and the one who was the head of the attack was a very influential and powerful person, because to organize such an attack is needed much information. The same principles were applied in the case of the assassination of the U.S. President Kennedy, although it was not an anarchist attack.

In fact, after the anarchist attack committed by Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo against Archduke Franz Ferdinand, all heads of state and their wives were advised by their security teams how to act. Wives were advised not to move and not change their position because the risk of something bad happen, as in case of the morganatic wife of Archduke, was very real.

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