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Photoshop working space
Quick selection tool in Photoshop
Selection tools and selecting in Photoshop
Spot Healing Brush Tool
Clone Stamp tool
Adjusting saturation with Sponge tool
Color Replacement tool in Photoshop | Replacing colors in an image
Magic Wand tool in Photoshop
Lasso tools in Photoshop

Applying gradient to a layer
Content-aware fill
Working with layers in Photoshop
Alpha channel, channel mask, clipping mask, layer mask, vector mask
Old photo effect in 4 easy steps with Photoshop
Panoramic image in 3 minutes
How to save your Photoshop image for four-color printing
Creating masks in Photoshop
Creating an editable shadow with the help of channel

Clearing an unclear image with Photoshop
Blur effect for your images
Polaroid frame for your photos in five easy steps
Grunge border for your photos
Wooden frame in Photoshop
Unsharp Mask filter in Photoshop
Shadow/Highlights command in Photoshop
Reducing noise of an image


Work-space in Illustrator
Working with multiple art-boards in Illustrator

Selection Tool in Illustrator
Direct Selection Tool in Illustrator
Magic Wand Tool in Illustrator
Lasso Tool in Illustrator
Pen Tool in Illustrator
Type tool in Illustrator
Shapes Tool in Illustrator
Line Segment Tool in Illustrator
Pencil Tool Illustrator
Paintbrush Tool in Illustrator, Creating new brushes
Scale Tool in Illustrator
Rotate Tool in Illustrator
Free Transform Tool in Illustrator
Warp Tool in Illustrator
Live Paint Bucket Tool in Illustrator
Blend Tool in Illustrator
Symbol Sprayer Tool in Illustrator
Using Gradient Tool and Gradient Button in Illustrator
Mesh Tool and the 3D look
Shape Builder Tool in Illustrator

Creating a vector marker with 3D effect in Illustrator
Gear wheel in Illustrator created in four easy steps
Vector shadow in Illustrator