Atomic bomb

The important stake of the Second World War was the atomic bomb. Three world powers worked hard to produce it: the United States, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Each had its scientists. After the battle of Stalingrad, many rational people have realized that the fate of the war is sealed: Nazi Germany doesn’t have any chance and the Soviet Union is a force that can liberate Europe. After Stalingrad, Hitler never shown in public and Winston Churchill couldn’t stop kissing Stalin’s ass.

Some scientists have managed to escape from Germany, Italy and Hungary. Fermi, Italian scientist, managed to get to the United States. Niels Bohr, Norwegian scientist, has been kidnapped by U.S. Secret Service and was taken in great secrecy in the United States. As it is well known, the United States made first atomic bomb. Hiroshima event followed on August 6, 1945 then Nagasaki 3 days later. The Soviet Union already freed Europe from May 9, 1945. Shortly thereafter, the Soviet Union had managed to produce the atomic bomb as well. Two Hebrew scientists (named Rosenberg – husband and wife), U.S. citizens, were accused of espionage for the Soviet Union, tried, sentenced to death and executed.

The Soviet Union strongly denied that they have created the atomic bomb as a result of an espionage action. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president said that the consciousness of some scientists, seeing what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, didn’t allow them to stay passively and see that one country has the monopoly on the atomic power.

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