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Religion is bad for humanity

It is a very serious problem. All religions are a pest to mankind. Religion is the opium of people. Religion has done great harm to humanity during its history.

Let’s take an example. Religion pretended that a child born out of wedlock does not have any rights regarding the inheritance of his father’s wealth, because the child would be illegitimate since the father of such a child is not registered in any document as being the child’s father.

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Reference system

The reference system that moves rectilinear and uniform is inertial and the reference system that moves rectilinear accelerated, circular uniform or circular accelerated is non-inertial. As I have written before, during the circular movement, even if the mobile is moving uniformly, there is normal or centripetal acceleration because the acceleration vector changes its direction constantly. Just the module remains constant.

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Real estate generalities

A lot of business owners haven’t built buildings (apartment/office buildings) registered on their companies, because they didn’t want to pay VAT, but registered on their personal names thinking they will sell them like hotcakes. But real estate bubble burst, the crisis installed and housing taxes have doubled and tripled for the second and third house someone owns, not to mention the compulsory house insurance that is a must for everybody.

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Priests vs. doctors in Romania

It might sound strange but there are 56,000 priests in Romania. If this is a great number or not is not my duty to decide. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against priests. However, comparing this number with the number of the doctors in Romania we are likely to have a shock. There are 48,000 doctors in Romania, lesser than priests, interesting!

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Political dictatorships

The word “dictator” comes from the old Latin language and it was first time used long time ago at the time of the Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar. He was the first known Roman dictator. Unlike what most people think, nobody could make himself dictator and a dictatorship appears only when conditions are met. A dictator can not do whatever he wants, but he is forced to do what is in the interest of the doctrine which made him a dictator.

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Physical system

Physical system consists of two or more physical elements.

A table and a glass of water put on it forms a physical system, a train, a railroad tracks, and the station forms another physical system etc.

No physical system is isolated from surrounding physical systems, which means they interact thermodynamicly with neighbors or in other words, it is not adiabatic.

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