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Not everything is flying can be eaten

Once upon a time, there was a poor Chinese who worked from the morning to the night for some healthy people. At the end of the day he was paid, went back to his modest home, had dinner, drunk a little bit then went to sleep. The following day he would start again. He worked consciously, owners praised him, all of his co-workers appreciated him, his wife loved him and his children were healthy. But our Chinese always sighed: “How hard I have to work to earn my daily bread!” If I would be Mandarin, people will worship me, I will wear expensive clothes, I will eat and drink only goodies, I will have a harem. The Gods heard him and made him Mandarin. Suddenly, from illiterate he is now literate.

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Monarchy vs. Republic

Monarchy is the state where monarchy institution is functioning. Monarchy can be of two types, absolute or constitutional. The most powerful man in the state is the king and if he is minor, the state is led by one or more regents. The succession to the throne is not done by elections but by the rules of succession. Most monarchies have instituted the procedure of abdication.

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Migratory people

Human being is a product of society and people are products of imperialism. There are beggars and thieves because society is unfair. Here, I am not talking about begging in Romania, which is a business, or theft which is a vice. I am talking about the character Jean Valjean from Les Miserables novel by Victor Hugo and the societies at that time.

Sedentary peoples consisting of honest and reasonable people who, in the years of bountiful harvest, have stocked every plus; as a result in poor harvest years they had food to eat.

Instead, migratory peoples, those who were involved in trade or ambulance crafts, are people who are dealing with tricks and craps. You do not sell anything today, then you go to bed hungry or you can not find anyone who needs a gutter repaired at home then again you go to bed hungry.

That’s why, Jews, Gypsies and Armenians (people well known in Europe) are seen as people that it is better to not have any deal with them because for sure you will be cheated and you lose. These three nations didn’t have, for most of the time, a homeland of their own. That’s why they weren’t sedentary and did not deal with agriculture.

Maximilien de Robespierre vs. Stalin

Maximilien de Robespierre … Who pronounce French Revolution, automatically associate these words with Maximilien de Robespierre; the smart Jacobin lawyer who leaded the French revolution, become dictator, instigated to the trial and execution of the royal family, has made ​​a significant contribution to the establishment of revolutionary tribunals, has annihilated all his rivals through framing up trials, etc. It seemed that nobody could stay in his way. Anyway, he was arrested, tried, sentenced to death and executed.

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Mass, weight, substance, and matter

I have seen a documentary on TV and it said that there is space without matter. Matter can not be created nor destroyed and the space exists because matter exists. Another fallacy that is usually said is the expression “concentrated high density matter”. Wrong! Substance may be more or less concentrated, more or less denser. Where is more substance, there is less physical field and vice versa. Physical field is generated by the substance.

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