Demythologizing Masonic and Zionist conspiracies

Everybody has heard the expressions (especially in the mass-media) that, this or that is just a Masonic or Zionist complot. Arguments were always brought, but at a closer analysis, no argument seemed to be plausible. Things are not as they seem to be, it would be too easy!

There is Freemasonry and French Freemasonry! What is Freemasonry or French Freemasonry? They are some secret societies, meaning that they are not public, so not everybody can attend meetings but are legally registered. They were set up centuries ago, but they have transformed so much that there is just a little left from what they once were. Not only Masonry transformed, but also religion, church, society, morals, ethics, everything transformed and keeps transforming all the time.

French Freemasonry, as the name suggests, was introduced in France, and some rites, because there are several, appeared in the Frankish kingdom. Anything that is done in secret arises suspicion and from here there is only a step to spread rumors. This happened with Masonry: rumors began, each more fanciful than other, like the Masons rule the world, that this or that happened as a result of the decision in the highest Masonic lodges of the great masters. False!

All that happens is the result of evolution of the society, no one can decide anything. There are objective reasons that produce effects! The fate of the Second World War wasn’t determined arbitrarily by the three great men: Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. It was a factual situation that the Soviet Union was a force that turned the tide of war and occupied a large part of Europe with the ground forces, the United States contributed to Japan’s surrender and freed the Western Europe with the help of UK forces. All these facts have decided the fate of war, not the 3 great people.

The fact that, in these Masonic societies, only famous and rich people could enter has fueled the speculation that they would decide the fate of mankind.

The rich and famous people had money, time, culture, and education. This is the reason why they were accepted as members of these rites. This is the reason and not another.

But, not all rich and famous people are Masons! Their rites have roots in religion of migratory people before Christianization, that’s why the Christian church condemned Freemasonry. Even the Christian church took over many pagan customs from ancient and contemporary people (for example St. Constantine and Elena), they only Christianized these ones and everything appeared from subsequent migrations was totally rejected.

Freemasonry is not a religion, but uses religious rituals, not official ones. In other words, Freemasonry is a fun for some men and their whims. Other things are dangerous: the born of a clandestine secret service within an official one, do not sneak any double or triple agent in the highest “peaks” etc.

Who has not heard of Mount Zion! It is the holy mountain of Hebrews; it is the promises country itself, but only for Hebrew. Yahweh or Elohim, the god of Abraham, promised this country only to descendants of Jacob, specifically to the 12 patriarchs, born from Leah, Rachel and their handmaids.

The term “Zionism” has had many meanings and significations over time, but the ultimate significance is that it defines a Jew who believes all other nationalities are inferior and do not worth the divine glory. Not all Jews are Zionists and their number dropped significantly. About hatred against Jewish people I have written, I will not repeat myself here, I’ll just remember the main reason, namely that always the buyer and the seller are in antithesis and merchants are thieves, cheating and lying, regardless of their nationality and Jews are great merchants. The causes are historical: not having land and being forced to migrate all the time, they started trading becoming a nation of merchants.

There are many Hebrew in the United States. Why? World War II and the anti-Semitic policies of National Socialism determined many Hebrews to emigrate in “the country of all possibilities.” Some of these Hebrews became rich. Because the United States is the greatest power in the world and has a higher percentage than other countries of Hebrews, the speculation that American Jews are Zionists and are plotting to rule the world was born, so the Hebrew people is privileged over other peoples. This aberration does not have any foundation.

Where could the Jews live,in Germany of shock troops, the assault battalions, and the night of the Long Knives or the night of crystal? Could they live in the Tsarist Empire? Many things are told, but they are just pure fantasies with no real support.

About Hebrews was told that they are smarter than others that you do not see Hebrews doing hard jobs, but most of them are intellectuals: doctors, teachers, engineers, etc. But this is not the reason; they are not smarter than others. The real reason is that Jews, dealing with trade, had money and send their children to school, unlike the peasants who have advised their children to work the land and do not go to schools to lose time. Then, the educated Jewish children were instructed to go to school and to be intellectuals, unlike Gypsy’s children (and others) who were taught to steal and curse. This is the reason of Jews being educated: home education that they have received. It’s not about a Zionist plot that is in the fevered minds of many paranoid people.

Over history or even in everyday life, many are excuses and no real reason. King Charles the Second of Romania, who established Carol’s dictatorship between 1938-1940, as a single party (Everything for the Country), a party that has been confused by the journalist Orcan with the Legionary party Iron Guard, had a Jewish mistress who was blamed for all the evils in the world saying that she facilitated obtaining some contracts with the state, for some Hebrew businessmen, Romanian citizens born in Romania.

Legionary Movement cultivated hatred of Jews solely as a result of the relationship and the effects of royal mistress over the king, according to some historians who explain why the legion was not fascist one. After the establishment of the dictatorship of Carol, Carol the Second gave anti-Jews laws, just as a counter against the rise of the Iron Guard, in the opinion of other historians.

The party “Everything for the Country” set the brown uniform just like fascist party. The fact that Elena Lupescu, the royal mistress, introduced Hebrew businessmen in the entourage of the king was considered a Zionist plot. These exalted people, fail to consider that most business people in Romania were Jews. Where she could take other businessmen from? Elena Lupescu did everything for money. Even if they were Arabs, not Hebrew, she would proceed in the same way. “Money does no smell.”

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