Dictatorship is what humanity needs

People will never see again what was in the first half of the communism era: free and abundant access to good and quality food, access to high quality services, safety, and predictability. All of these have disappeared now.

This is how it was in antiquity: ordinary people, even if they had money, they couldn’t build a good house because there were no free craftsmen, because all craftsmen belonged to the ruling class. Ancient Rome and ancient Egypt have built monumental public buildings but ordinary people lived in huts that collapsed on them (see the case of ancient Rome).

Slavery has disappeared because it was not profitable. The slave must eat, dress, and live under one roof. The risk to buy a slave with a lot of money and after two days to see him sick (or even dead) in bed was very high. You couldn’t get rich from slaves’ labor unless you hold a public function at the same time, a money-making function.

But even like that things couldn’t go well for a long time. Wars of conquest had to be made and goods had to be taken by force from those conquered. Similarly, serfdom could not sustain feudal society. Wars of conquest continued.

What can I say about capitalism!? Could proletariat sustained France, England, or the USA? No, of course not! So, wars of conquest continued. Then what should be done?!

Socialism has collapsed! No one can deny that!

Only dictatorship can do something, but the main condition is that the dictator to be smart. Many things have built and developed during dictatorships. In ancient Rome, in case of imminent danger represented by a foreign invasion or any internal revolt, the Senate had an emergency meeting and assigned a dictator for six months. In this situation was Crassus during the revolt of Spartacus.

Then, after some time, Caesar was named dictator for life. During his dictatorship many public buildings were built and the existing ones were repaired. Capitalism itself was grown in England during the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, in France during the emperor Napoleon the first and in Germany during the Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, all three dictators through excellence.

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