Economy seen to the naked eye is a big mess

What is seen with the naked eye from all that fidgetiness called economy is a big mess. I am staying in bed and read in position oriented toward the window. I am hearing the noise of a heavy duty truck coming down the street. I am watching out on the window. A big truck pulling a big trailer loaded with soil is coming from the Lily Street and it is going toward the end of Bucharest Street.

After only 5 minutes, the scene is repeated almost identically, but this time the trailer comes loaded with soil from the opposite direction, it is coming down the Bucharest Street and it is going toward Lily Street. It has been happened this for long time now and it happens every 5 minutes. Those who can understand such wonders are wise men.

I’ve never been able to understand why the streets were asphalted then a week later they are broken by bulldozers. My head does not help me understand why petrol is extracted and processed in Romania, then it is exported then on the other hand Romania imports petrol heavily from Russia. Some people say that this is the market economy and globalization. If so, then it is a big mess and a waste of resources.

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