English started the industrial revolution

Why the English have started the industrial revolution? Are they smarter than other people? No, not at all! Any nation is smarter than another one! I have explained in another article why England had colonies. I will not repeat myself here. Follow carefully the casual report.

Having colonies, wealth was increased. Living in a hostile environment climate, they were forced to bother making innovations to survive. The first industrial revolution required energy and it was obtained from coal. English had many coal mines (they still have). A Romanian proverb says: “An ox owned by a poor man does not work well.” Why? The answer is because it is not fed well. A hungry ox has no power to pull the yoke to enrich the farmer. First you have fed it well then it can pull the yoke, not vice-versa. The British had what “to feed the ox” with exploiting colonies. Germany had enough coal but it was not enough to keep up with England. It was missing the other two elements: the colonies and the bad climate. That’s why Germany had a delay in its development. The second industrial revolution is based on oil.

Another important element that helped industrial development is changing Catholic religion with the Anglican religion. How it helped? It has not tripped science. Catholic dogmatism claimed that the sun revolves around the earth (geocentrism) and not vice-versa (heliocentrism). Because of this, in Catholic countries it could not enhance the navigation instruments so they could not build highly performance ships. That’s why they did not have many colonies. In the time of King Henry the Eighth, the second descendant of the Tudor dynasty, the English Church split from papal Rome and has become autocephalous calling itself Anglican. That was before Luther’s theses, so they went ahead Germany on this chapter as well. Why did it happen like that?

King Henry the Eighth was forced by the dynastic laws of succession to marry the widow of his brother; otherwise he could not become king. He had this obligation only if the marriage of his brother had not consumed. Parents of the widow of his brother, King and Queen of Spain, gave a written statement in front of the Pope of Rome as their daughter’s marriage was not consumed because both bride and groom were too young to have sexual relations. Henry the Eighth had a daughter with his brother’s widow, named Catherine “the bloody queen” then the queen could not have children any more. The king had sexual relations with Anne Boleyn’s sister, who later became pregnant, and then he fell in love with Anna Boleyn who did not want to sleep with him, only if he marries her. Then the king told the queen that he wants to ask the Pope of Rome annulment of marriage (divorce was forbidden to Catholics) and asked the Queen to give a written statement to the pope that the marriage between the queen and his brother has consumed; it was the only way he could marry Anna Boleyn who had promised to make him a home fulfilled with boys. The queen was furious, telling him that he knows very well that the marriage has not consumed and, in addition to this, it could stain the memory of her deceased parents, making them liars. Then the king put pressure on parliament and the heads of the church, to vote the secession law. Many opposed and as a result they were sentenced to death.

After the separation of church, the king “dragged” the queen to court in front of parliament to annul the marriage. He even brought false witnesses who said that the queen told them that she had sexual relations with the king’s brother. Many nobles have not agreed to annul the marriage and as a result they were sentenced to death. The parliament voted annulment of the marriage and the king could marry Anna Boleyn who was already pregnant.

She asked the king to amnesty the Lèse-majesté facts of those sentenced to death and therefore to not be executed letting them free. The king gave the decree in that sense. Sister of Anne Boleyn got married, while she was pregnant with the king, with another man and gave birth to a boy. Anna Boleyn gave birth to a girl, the future Queen Elizabeth, and then she could not born alive children, only dead. The king asked the royal lawyer if there is nothing that can be done to register the son of Anna Boleyn’s sister as his son. He was told that no one can do anything, the laws are very clear: the husband of mother is the father of the child.

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