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Colors and fruits ESL/EFL game for kindergarten
ESL/EFL listening, speaking, and vocabulary activity for kindergarten
ESL/EFL Lesson Plan | My favorite sport
ESL/EFL Lesson Plan | Food and drink
Bingo game with past tense in ESL/EFL classroom
How to introduce yourself to your new class | ESL/EFL lesson plan
Why English language is difficult for Vietnamese learners and how to make it easier
The best ESL/EFL game to talk about countries
ESL lesson plan | Speaking and Listening | Social Networking | Facebook
ESL Lesson Plan | Work, Jobs, and Occupations
Great vocabulary building game
Eight ESL/EFL activities for developing oral fluency
ESL/EFL lesson plan on questions
ESL/EFL Lesson Plan on present simple, adjectives, and final -s sound
ESL/EFL Lesson Plan on asking for and giving personal information
ESL/EFL Lesson Plan on teaching numbers
ESL/EFL Lesson Plan | Describe your family
My house | Prepositions of location | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
My school | Describe your school | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Daily routines, daily activities | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
School timetable | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Listening for the gist | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Body parts | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Talking about other people | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Things I don’t like doing | Why-Because | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Describe your bedroom | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Future arrangements with "going to" and present continuous | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Talking about past events | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Feedback activities in ESL/EFL classroom
Using will/won’t for promises, offers, and decisions | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Present Perfect with since and for | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
My house | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Top 7 great reading activities for learners of English
Prepositions of place | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Clothing and Present Continuous | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
14 activities suitable for a test-teach-test ESL/EFL lesson
At school | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
40 ESL/EFL activities for exploiting songs and texts
A trip to countryside – Prepositions of time | ESL/EFL lesson plan
6 great ESL/EFL writing activities for young learners
Instant decisions with “will” | ESL/EFL lesson plan
ESL/EFL activities for different learner styles
Writing a letter of complaint | ESL/EFL lesson plan
Passive voice in past simple | ESL/EFL lesson plan
Phrasal Verbs | ESL/EFL lesson plan
Animal body parts | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Relative clauses | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
My wish came true | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
ESL/EFL activity for vocabulary review
My vacation | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
ESL/EFL listening and speaking activity
Multipurpose ESL/EFL activity
New school year | ESL/EFL Lesson plan
Dates, birthdays, and numbers | ESL/EFL Lesson plan
Talking about jobs and occupations | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Arrange the furniture | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Talking about Vietnam | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Why you should learn English | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Food recipe | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
I love tech | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
The atom | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
Recycling | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
The Solar System | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan
My best friend, the dog | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan


Necessary documents for working as an ESL/EFL teacher in Vietnam
Non-native speaker of English to teach English in Vietnam
Anglo Indian to teach ESL/EFL in Vietnam
19 year old Canadian to teach ESL/EFL in Vietnam
Is it important to learn Vietnamese as ESL/EFL teacher in Vietnam
Exemption for getting a work permit for English teachers in Vietnam
Tip on getting an ESL/EFL job before arriving in Vietnam
Indian teachers of English in Vietnam
Indian looking for an ESL/EFL teaching job in Vietnam
Top 3 things a new ESL/EFL teacher in Vietnam should be aware of
Authorities in Vietnam has started deporting foreign teachers working on tourist visa
What schools hire ESL/EFL teachers in Vietnam without degree and teaching certificate?
Should I work for ILA school in Vietnam
Why pronouncing English is difficult for Vietnamese
Too young to teach ESL in Vietnam – 20 years old, no degree, TEFL online
Finding an English teaching job in Vietnam that offers a work permit
Using only English when teaching ESL/EFL in Vietnam
Teach English in Hanoi or Saigon
Discrimination in hiring English teachers in Vietnam
The best and the worst time to find a teaching English job in Vietnam
Pros and cons of being a Vietnamese foreigner in the ESL/EFL world in Vietnam
ESL/EFL Teachers – CELTA online and police report
Apply for an English teaching position even if you don’t meet the requirements
Getting a working visa as an English teacher in Vietnam without a college degree
What taxes you pay in Vietnam as an English teacher
Non-native speakers of English who are English teachers make mistakes
Top 5 reasons why you should not teach English abroad
Top 5 reasons you should teach English abroad
The best place to live in Ho Chi Minh City
How the accent of teachers of English who are not native speakers of English affects the spoken English of learners of English
Am I too old to teach ESL abroad
Do most schools only hire native speakers of English
Driving license for foreigners in Vietnam
Top 6 things you have to know about living and working in Vietnam
ESL/EFL teachers in Vietnam | Requirements and expectations
How to find an ESL/EFL teaching job in Vietnam
Where can I get an ESL/EFL teaching certificate
How much money an ESL/EFL teacher can make teaching English in Vietnam
Learning English difficulties of Vietnamese learners
ESL/EFL teachers in Vietnam | Cost of living
Vietnamese learners of English – Who are they?
How to get a motorbike driving license for foreigners in Vietnam
Dictation in ESL/EFL classroom
Visual memory in learning English
Top 18 things an ESL/EFL teacher should not do in the classroom
Teaching ESL/EFL job interview in Vietnam
Stages of an ESL/EFL lesson plan | How to design an ESL/EFL lesson
Developing writing skills in ESL/EFL classroom
Top 5 tips on correcting students written work in ESL/EFL classroom
Test question types
Top 5 tips for delayed corrections in ESL/EFL classroom
Task Based Learning
Guided discovery for teaching ESL/EFL
Paragraph and essay evaluation
Communicative test evaluation
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Word order
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Questions and negatives
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Tense, time, aspect
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | "It" as a subject and verb series
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Stress and tone
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Articles
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | The passive voice
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Personal pronouns
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Adjectives and adjectival comparison
Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Adverbial expressions
Top 10 tips for oral correction in ESL/EFL classroom
Stages of a reading and listening skills ESL/EFL lesson
Teaching English for 4 to 6 year old children
Test Teach Test (TTT) | Advantages and disadvantages
Teaching English for 7-9 year old children
Tips for making the listening and reading activities more effective
Receptive skills: reading and listening
Teaching English for 10-12 year old children
Learner of English characteristics
Stages of a situational/dialogue presentation for an ESL/EFL PPP lesson
General guidelines for teaching ESL/EFL for children
Stages of an ESL/EFL text-based presentation lesson
Dealing with practical problems in ESP (English for special purposes) classroom
6 types of learners of English
Teaching ESL/EFL for kindergarten kids
Top 5 things that annoy me in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Cultural factors that affect Vietnamese learning English
Top 3 inappropriate things done in ESL class
Speaking practice in pairs or groups in ESL/EFL classroom
Reading aloud in ESL/EFL classroom
Should I move to Vietnam


Modal verbs in English language
Questions in English language
Relative clauses and relative pronouns in English language
Noun clauses in English language
Articles in English language
Expressing past, present, and future actions in English language
Preposition in English language
Conditionals in English language
Conjunctions in English Language
Comparative adjectives, comparative adverbs, and superlatives
The sentence, sentence structure, and sentence parts
How to pronounce s and ed endings
How to use infinitive in English
How to use gerund (the -ing form) in English
How to use "use to" and "didn't use to"
Passive voice in English language
How to use somebody, something, someone, anything, anybody, anywhere, nobody, nothing, and nowhere
How to use quantifiers too, too much, too many, enough, a little, a few in English language
How to use so, because, but, and although
Phrasal verbs | Expressing movement: go, run etc. + preposition
Word order in phrasal verbs
So do I, neither do I | So, neither plus auxiliaries
Reported speech (Indirect speech) in English language
Spelling rules for endings with verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs
Verbs not normally used in continuous tenses
Full list of irregular verbs in English language
Nouns, pronouns, and possessive adjectives in English language
Two-Part Subjects: Subject-Verb agreement
Word Order with Noun Modifiers
Commands and Exclamations in English language
Transitions in English language
Complex sentences in English language
How to join clauses correctly in English
Fragments or incomplete sentences in English
Verb tenses in graphics
How to use comma in English language
Top 50 interesting things about English language
The difference between time and tense
Basic tenses and their formation
Diagram for SINCE, FOR, and AGO
Adverbs in English Language
Top 7 replacements for “because”
Using “a” or “an” before a word that starts with an “h” sound
Subject-verb agreement in "there is/are" sentence
Few vs. a few
When and how to use the word “that”
Using “I” or “Me”
Irregular verb form patterns | Letter "i" in irregular verbs
Who vs. Whom
Plural of compound nouns
The usage of "get" in English language


Phonemic Chart
Production of speech sounds
Cardinal vowels and short vowels in English language
Diphthongs and triphthongs in English language
Plosives in English language
Importance of vocal folds and glottis in speech
Why studying phonetics and phonology is useful
Connected speech
Top 15 uses of phonemic chart
Schwa sound
Production of fricatives and affricates
Fricatives of English language
Glottal h in English language
The affricates in English language
Nasal Consonants
Consonant L
Consonant R
Consonant Y and W
Chart of English consonant phonemes
The discourse function of intonation
The grammatical function of intonation
The accentual function of intonation
The attitudinal function of intonation
The syllable in English language
Weak syllables in English language
Close front and close back vowels
Syllabic consonant l
Syllabic n sound in English language
Syllabic consonants m and ŋ
Syllabic consonant r
Stressed syllables
Levels of stress in words
Stress within two-syllable word in English language
Stress within three-syllable word in English language
Stress within complex words in English | Introduction
Stress within complex words in English | Suffixes
Stress within complex words in English | Compound words
Stress within complex words in English | Variable stress
Stress within complex words in English | Word pairs
Weak forms and strong forms
The most common weak-form words
Sentence stress
The most common contractions in English language
Linking in English language
The tone-unit
English tones and their functions
The structure of the tone unit
Pitch possibilities in the simple tone-units
Fall-rise tone followed by a tail
Rise-fall tone followed by a tail
High and low heads
Difficulties in identifying a tonic syllable
How to identify tone-unit boundaries
Goc A restaurant | Asian cuisine in Saigon
Binh Quoi Tourist Village
Visiting Nha Trang, Vietnam
Can Gio and Monkey Island, Vietnam
Cao Dai Temple Vietnam
Photography hot spots in Saigon
Phu My Bridge, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Visiting Vung Tau, Vietnam
Saigon during Lunar New Year
Photographing Saigon’s street life
Goat breast barbecue life
Neighborhood restaurant – May Bon Phuong
Visiting Tuyen Lam lake and its trench near Dalat
Ao Dai Museum, Saigon


English Camp programs on beautiful Vancouver Island
AtoZebraLanguage – video dictionary review
Compelling Conversations for Vietnamese learners of English | ESL/EFL book review


Few mistakes every learner of English should avoid
Check and improve your English pronunciation with an online tool
How to learn English
11 ways to improve your English
Complete guide on how to learn English vocabulary
Complete guide on how to learn English grammar
22 reasons for learning English
Dates in English language
Four reasons why people fail to get fluent in English
Improve your pronunciation and other skills with text-to-speech programs
English is easy and difficult to learn at the same time
Top 5 myths about learning English
Top 5 myths about online learning
The best way of learning English
Learning English vocabulary tips
Tips on learning English – Tip 1 – Learn English when you are rested and undisturbed
Tips on learning English – Tip 2 – Create your own routine and an optimal learning English environment
Tips on learning English – Tip 3 – First is listening
Tips on learning English – Tip 4 – Take an English test
Tips on learning English – Tip 5 – Create your own dictionary
Tips on learning English – Tip 6 – Practice all four skills plus grammar
Tips on learning English – Tip 7 – Set up goals
Tips on learning English – Tip 8 – Talk to yourself
Tips on learning English – Tip 9 – Creating a blog for learning English purpose
Tips on learning English – Tip 10 – Review if you want to remember
Tips on learning English – Tip 11 – Watch the same video many times
Tips on learning English – Tip 12 – Do not move up to a new level too early
Tips on learning English – Tip 13 – Reading and translating
Học Tiếng Anh | Làm thế nào để làm điều đó (VN)
11 phương pháp để cải thiện Tiếng Anh của bạn (VN)