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6 great ESL/EFL writing activities for young learners

Writing is also called “the forgotten skill”. For most learners of English writing is the least important and it is considered in many cases useless. Everybody says a language is mostly listened and spoken. Personally I totally disagree since I have learned English through writing.

It is hard for me to remember any vocabulary item if I don’t know how to spell it. Maybe this is only my case but this is the reason I consider writing very important. Below are six great writing activities suitable for young learners but not only.

Activity 1

The teacher gives out a handout on which there are pictures of known vocabulary. Around pictures there are letters to form the written form of the picture. Below the picture there is an empty space for the form to be written.

Activity 2

There are letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper. The letters are in the form of a series of dots and the learners have to join the dots to form the letter.

Activity 3

The learners are given a sentence. Under the sentence is an empty space for the students to write their own sentence with the first word given. The sentence learners have to write has to be similar to the given sentence (Example: Given sentence is “Dan is from Romania”; the learners have to write a similar sentence, for example “I am from Vietnam.”)

Activity 4

The teacher gives out a series of pictures that represent simple sentences. The learners have to write the sentences.

Activity 5

The teacher writes words on a piece of paper and gives one to each learner. The learners place another piece of paper over the given one then trace the word on their piece of paper.

Activity 6

The teacher selects 10 words every week and teaches learners the written form. Every day the learners have to read the words then cover them and try to write them down correctly.

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