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Apply for an English teaching position even if you don’t meet the requirements

First of all, apply for all the English teaching jobs out there even if you don’t meet the requirements and I am telling you why a little later.

Because there is a job opening that sounds interesting and it is well paid, people try to polish their resumes in order to look as good as possible and they start writing different lies in order to get the job. They get the job but they can’t do it so everything is a mess for everybody. It isn’t a good way and I will say that you actually must be honest about your skills and qualifications.

People usually lie and they don’t realize that you are hired to do a job, not to be paid. They do try to make those previous positions they have to look like a huge advantage although they were totally unimportant and irrelevant. So, what I will say is put those jobs at the end of the resume and don’t say much about them. At the beginning put the jobs that are relevant to teaching ESL skills and/or language abilities.

Now, you might say “hey, I don’t have any teaching skills”, what should I do? Well, go out there and get them. Look for English Speaking Clubs where you can get some teaching skills and learn to interact with people who want to learn English, or look for volunteer teaching positions where you can get hired and get some experience. Maybe non-profit organizations look to improve their employees’ English speaking skills. Even few months of experience counts a lot in your resume.

Now, with three to six months teaching experience you can apply for an English teaching job even if that position requires at least one year teaching experience.

Now, let’s get back at what I said first time; to apply for a job even if you don’t meet the requirement. Yes, that’s because the school that wants to hire teachers, writes in the job advertisement what the ideal candidate should be. Of course, the school receives a bunch of CVs, they sort them out, and finally they will choose the best candidates for the job.

But, so many times there is no candidate that meets the requirements and the school needs a teacher urgently. So, they simply choose the best candidate of the bunch. Sometimes the person who selects the resumes sees a set of skills that you wrote in the CV and find it valuable for them at that time.

For example you have no experience teaching English for adults but you have 3 months experience teaching English for a kindergarten and you are able to play a musical instrument. So, this employer who needs an ESL teacher for a class of adults might hire you for teaching children on Saturday and Sunday mornings or use your skills for something else within the school.

So, this is what I will say:

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