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Arrange the furniture | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

Length of the lesson: 40 minutes
Topic: Arrange the furniture
Tasks: Talk about your living room
Language focus: living room items
Review: Prepositions of place

Arrange the furniture | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

Lead-in (10 minutes)

Teacher asks students what items there are in their living room. Students come to the board and make a list of things that are usually found in a living room (sofa, armchair, coffee table, TV, clock, cushions, lamp, shelf etc.)

At this point, the teacher might want to review prepositions of place (in, on, next to, in front of, behind, above, below etc.) and go through the pronunciation of the living room items.

Presentation (10 minutes)

Teacher reads students listen:
My living room is very large. There is a big sofa and a TV in front of the sofa. Between the sofa and the TV there is a coffee table. A very nice armchair is next to the sofa. There is a small bookcase on the right side of the TV. My colorful cushions are on the sofa and the clock is above the TV. There are some newspapers on the coffee table and few magazines on the bookcase.

Teacher reads twice (even three times if it is necessary) then a student draws the living room on the board while the teacher is describing it.

Answer the questions (5 minutes)

Where is the TV?
What is there between the TV and the sofa?
What is next to the sofa?
Where is the clock?
Are there any magazines in the living room? Where are they?

Production (5 minutes)

In pairs, arrange the furniture items (that are still written on the board) to create your own living room. Teacher allows student 5 minutes to write a short description of their living rooms.

Speaking (10 minutes)

Students describe their living rooms orally.

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