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Articles in English language

Articles are necessary in a noun phrase in order to indicate whether the noun is definite or not. There are some situations when the article can be omitted.

English articles are divided into two categories: indefinite and definite.

Indefinite articles (a/an)

In English we use the indefinite articles "a" and "an" with singular countable nouns in the following situations:

Indefinite articles in English language are used before the noun and indicate a specific person or thing that is unfamiliar to the listener or the thing or person hasn’t been mentioned before (example: I saw a nice car). Indefinite articles can indicate a whole class of things or people (example: I play tennis three times a week).

Definite article (the)

English has only one definite article, which is “the”.

In English we use the definite article "the" in the following cases:

There are some situations when we don’t use articles in English. Don’t use articles in the following cases:

Teaching articles for ESL learners is not an easy task. It requires a lot of practice and the mistakes have to be corrected immediately and explained.

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