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At school | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

The focus of the lesson: Talking about school subjects and school schedule
Size of the class: 40 students
Age: 13 years old/grade 7
Level: Beginner/A1
Length of the lesson: 45 minutes

Warm up

Play word Bingo with the students. Write the different subjects on the board and read them aloud for the students to cross out.
Show the students an example of a school schedule. Go through it with them to make sure they understand.

Write on the board the following question: When do you have history? Ask the students to read it and ask a volunteer to write it in Vietnamese. Under the question write down the answer, making sure the students can understand how to answer. Give the students a couple more examples and ask them to answer the questions.

Write on the board question 2: What classes do you have on Thursday afternoon? Go through the same process as above but provide more examples to show the students that they can ask many questions with this sentence.

Pair work

Ask the students to work in pairs to practice asking and answering the questions.

Put the students into groups of 4, and give them a small piece of paper with six sentences written on it (see the example below). Give the students 3-4 minutes to write down which subject goes with each sentence. Go through the answers.

You might need a calculator for this subject.
Running, swimming, badminton, football, and volleyball make this subject fun.
We can learn about plants and animals.
In this class, you might sing or play a musical instrument.
Paint, pens, pencils are used to draw and paint.
You learn a new language.

Finish the lesson with a game, divide the class into two groups and play lucky number.

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