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AtoZebraLanguage – video dictionary review

AtoZebraLanguage is a video dictionary which I consider to be a great learning tool. Although it contains vocabulary terms and verb conjugations for five major languages, I will focus for the American English part of the dictionary.

AtoZebraLanguage video dictionary

The thing I like the best about this video dictionary is the ease of use. As you can see in the image above the interface is clean and easy to understand. First you have to choose the language you speak (should be English since you are an English learner) and the language you are learning (in my case, English as well).

The next step is choosing the learning modules. You have four choices: essential terms and phrases, glossaries, verbs, and country-specific glossaries. The main glossary, which is below the learning modules, is changed every time you choose a learning module. The main glossary may contain sub-glossaries. Whatever word you choose, the girl on the right side of the screen will pronounce it for you. I have to mention that it is not a robot-like voice. You will hear a very pleasant and natural voice with a very clear pronunciation.

The part I like the best is the Verbs Learning Module. I teach English in Vietnam and everybody knows how problematic is the pronunciation part for Vietnamese learners of English, particularly the pronunciation of –ed termination for verbs in past tense. Well, now they have a great tool. All they have to do is to select the verb and the tense and an English native speaker will do the rest.

Most of the vocabulary words are accompanied by pictures. That is really useful for everybody but mostly for kids. You can teach your kid thousands of vocabulary words and expressions all coming out from the mouth of an English native speaker.

Unfortunately, this is not a free tool. You have to pay for a subscription but before doing that you can try the free offered demos. However, in my opinion, the price is fair considering the great value of this tool.

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