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Body parts | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

The purpose of the lesson: Identifying body parts
Size of the class: 40 students
Age: 11-12 years old
Level: Elementary

Teaching body parts is very easy for a teacher. You don’t need lots of resources and visual aids; they can be exemplified immediately using a real body. However, according to my experience, capturing student’s attention for this particular lesson is quite difficult.

First of all, I start the lesson projecting a picture on the board. It contains all of the body parts that are going to be studied in this lesson.

Body Parts | ESL Lesson Plan

Although I have the picture on the board, I am going to use my body for teaching vocabulary. In this way, the students have the words written on the board and a real example. More than that, a picture always gets their attention.

The teacher presents and drills the new words several times. Once the students are familiar with the new vocabulary, the teacher says a word and the students have to point that body part then repeat. Then the teacher points a body part and the students have to say what body part it is.

Run and draw game - I played this game with my students and they love it.

Divide the class in 2 or more groups (according to the size of the class; in my case, 4 groups, 10 students/group).
Assign a number for each student in every group (in my case, I’ll have 4 students no. 1, 4 students no. 2 etc).
Divide the board into 4 sections.
The teacher says a number and a body part. The students that are assigned with the number spoken by the teacher have to come to the board and draw the body part have been said.
The student who draws fastest and more realistic gets a point for his team.

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