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Check and improve your English pronunciation with an online tool

There are many tools that can help you improve your English pronunciation. If you want to listen to good English and then copy the pronunciation then it shouldn’t be so difficult, but it is, (you can find good examples of English language online; for example

If you want somebody or something to tell you if you pronounce a word or a sentence well or not then it can be a little more difficult in online medium. For such a thing you need someone who speaks English very well and eager to help you (an online teacher, tutor, or even a friend).

When you are speaking to your teacher, the teacher knows the topic you are talking about and is easier for him/her to understand your broken English. More than that, the teacher hears the same inaccurate sounds every day from his/her ESL students which creates an “OK feeling”.

Eventually, there is an online tool which listens to you then writes the word (or even a full sentence) you have just said. The tool displays the word in written form exactly as it understands from you. It works perfect, I have tried it and it is quite accurate (me – Romanian, my wife – Vietnamese and my American friend; three different people, three different nationalities, and three different pronunciations).

The tool was in front of my eyes for pretty long time but I ignored it. It is offered by Google and its purpose is totally different than checking pronunciation accuracy.

Open up in your browser. In the right side of the search box you will see a small icon which looks like a microphone. Click it then speak. The word you have just spoken will be displayed in the search box. Everything you have to do is to press search button. Easy and elegant made by Google. If you don’t pronounce the word properly then Google will display a wrong “translation”. This morning I tried it with my students and it was amazing. The students really enjoyed speaking on computer’s microphone, they tried their best to pronounce better and I do believe they will try it at home.

check and improve your English pronunciation

I am not sure if there are other tools that can check your pronunciation but this one I find it to be very useful. Did you try it as a learning tool? Do you know other similar online tools that can be use in the classroom?

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