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Colors and fruits ESL/EFL game for kindergarten

This is another great ESL/EFL game for kindergarten you can play with very young learners using flashcards.

In order to play this game you need two sets of flashcards to teach vocabulary. I use “colors” and “fruits” but if you are a creative teacher then you can adapt the game for other categories of vocabulary. You also need to make sure they know the vocabulary so they can play the game.

Playing the game is really easy. You go through all fruits flashcards and after showing them each picture you ask “what color is it?” During this initial stage, you group the fruits according to their colors.

For example, the yellow group of fruits would be (at least in my case) banana, lemon, and star fruit. The red group would be apple, dragon fruit, and strawberry. The orange group would be mango, peach, and orange. The green group would be avocado and watermelon. There are many other fruits so you can make larger groups if you want.

Once all of the vocabulary items are placed in their groups you go through them again but this time emphasizing the color. You can say “Okay, let’s see, what do we have in the yellow group?” and start showing them the flashcards from the yellow category. When the kids say “banana” you will say “a yellow banana” stressing the word “yellow”. You do the same for all color groups of fruits.

When they are familiarized with the fruits and their colors you can speak out a fruit and they will say its color.

For example the teacher says “banana” and the kids will say “yellow”. The teacher says “apple” and the kids will say “red”. Then the teacher says the color and the kids will say the fruit.

At the final stage of the game the teacher says the color and the kids will say all the fruits that belong to that category. So, if the teacher says “yellow” then the kids will say “banana, lemon, and star fruit”. At this stage the kids should be rewarded for their good answers. You can use stickers or any other kind of reward will do just fine; even a simple high-five.

I play this game with my 3-4 year old kids and they have no problem understanding and playing it. When I play it with 5-6 year old kids, I mix the categories so I make it a little bit more challenging. For example in the yellow group I have a yellow banana, a yellow bicycle, and a yellow shampoo.

So, here you have it, a really simple ESL game to play with kindergarten kids that motivates them and from my own experience I can tell you that the kids will try very hard to remember the vocabulary items you use in the game.

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