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Commands and Exclamations in English language


Commands are the simplest complete sentences in English language. Commands in second person consist of the simple form of the verb with or without modifiers. The subject “you” is not stated.

Affirmative Negative
Wait a moment. Please don’t go.
Stop it! Don’t do that!
Listen to me. Don’t talk so much.
Be quiet, please. Don’t raise your voice.


Exclamations are use to emphasize an idea or an emotional statement. “How” or “What” begins the exclamations, and the subject and verb follow the normal word order. In spoken English, the subject and the verb are often omitted.

Adjectives and adverbs follow “How”; Nouns follow “What” or “What a(n) ...”

How quickly he works!
What a terrible job he is doing.
What a strange music!

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