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Dates, birthdays, and numbers | ESL/EFL Lesson plan

Length of the lesson: 40 minutes
Topic: Dates, birthdays, and numbers
Tasks: Ask for and give dates
Language focus: numbers, months of the year
Review: question words, ask for and give personal information

Lead-in (5 minutes)

Teacher writes on the board two dates and ask students if they have any idea what they mean (June 16th, December 1st).
The first date is the teacher’s birthday and the second one is the National Day of Romania.
Teacher asks students when is their birthday and when is the national day of their country. Optional, teacher can write on the board the months of the year (it will be useful at the practice stage).

Presentation – Teacher reads students listen (5 minutes)

Nam is registering for an English course.
Teacher: Good morning. What is your name?
Nam: My name is Nam.
Teacher: What is your date of birth?
Nam: It is August 29th. I will be 14 on my next birthday.
Teacher: What is your address?
Nam: It is 53 Le Loi Street.
Teacher: What is your phone number?
Nam: It is 0909.04.66.02

Practice (5 minutes)

Before going further teacher might want to go through the pronunciation of the months of the year.

Answer the questions (3 minutes)

When is Nam’s birthday?
What is his address?
What is Nam’s phone number?

Production (10 minutes)

Students work in pairs. Ask your partner the three questions above and form other questions (in order to get more information) with the following question words: what, when, where, who, how many, and why.

Where were you born? I was born in Hanoi.

Speaking (7 minutes)

Questions are written on the board. Role play in front of the class by asking and answering the questions written on the board.

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