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English Camp programs on beautiful Vancouver Island

Vancouver Islands Homestays and Camps (VIHAC) English camps are designed to provide international students with the opportunity to participate in an intensive English class combined with cultural activities and a homestay with a Canadian family. VIHAC English camps are designed so that students get maximum exposure and practice using English while learning about the culture by participating in activities in Canada and living with a family from Canada.

In VIHAC camp programs, students study English for 21 hours per week under the instruction of a certified Canadian English teacher. In the afternoons, students participate in cultural activities in Victoria designed to help them both improve their English and learn about Canadian culture.

The focus of the daily lessons will be on Canadian culture, speaking and listening skills. Students will also do activities in the evening with their Canadian host family. Students are placed by age and level and all English camp activities are modified for each group.
This is the best English camp program on Vancouver Island and provides students with opportunities to improve their English while at the same time giving them exciting opportunities to see a new culture and make lifelong friendships.

Why choose VIHAC English camps?

Small class sizes: Whereas many other English camp programs take 15 or more students per group, VIHAC English camps average between 8-10 students per group, ensuring that each student gets a lot of individual attention.

Qualified instructors: All instructors in VIHAC are qualified and experienced English teachers with years of experience teaching.

Cultural learning: Do you want your son or daughter to be a global citizen? Students in VIHAC English camps don’t just sit in a classroom, but they are also given opportunities to explore and learn about a new culture by taking part in this program. Everyday students will participate in cultural activities in Victoria and will live with a Canadian family.

Parental feedback: Parents will receive weekly videos of what the students are doing in the classes and cultural activities.

Homestay with a Canadian family: The best way to improve your English is to live with a host family in Canada. Students will get a lot of exposure to English and improve their English skills as well as learn more about the culture.

Weekend excursions: VIHAC English camps include weekend trips to interesting places around Vancouver Island.

To register for an English camp program, please visit the online application form or call the international number at 070-8880-8855 to speak with the camp coordinator. For more information about the program, please contact VIHAC at or 070-8880-8855 (international) and 778-966-1236 (local). Group rates are available for students who come as a group.

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