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English is easy and difficult to learn at the same time

English is a difficult language to learn

If you want to believe that then you can find many reasons to sustain this affirmation and if the idea of English being a difficult language to learn is well cemented in your brain then probably you will never be able to learn and master it as you would like. Below you can see why I think English is difficult to learn.

I hate irregular verbs

Although I am very used with irregular verbs (my mother tongue is a Latin language and uses them heavily) I still hate them.

There are no pronunciation rules

There are zero ways to avoid pronunciation mistakes since each word follows zero pronunciation rules. The letter “i” from the word “hide” is pronounced /ai/ but the letter “i” from the word “hidden” is pronounced /ɪ/. When you are very familiar with the language, you can make different connections regarding to pronunciation and everything will be easier.

English questions

Although forming questions in English is not that difficult, every single learner hates it. I am not aware of any other language that changes the order of the words to form a question (although there might be some).


There is no way to match the usage of prepositions in English with the usage of prepositions in other languages. This is not only my opinion but others opinion as well.

English is an easy language to learn

If you think English is easy then it is easy. Personally, I believe English is easy to learn and below you can see my arguments.

English is everywhere

English is easy to learn because it is everywhere. It is very important when you start learning a foreign language to have contact with it as much as possible. Well, you can in the case of English. Here I will exemplify just movies, music, and the internet.

English is useful

What’s the point to learn a foreign language if you don’t use it. Sooner or later you will need English and I can say sooner or later you will learn English. I use English for everything means reading (information/knowledge) since the amount of information written in English is enormous in comparison with the amount of information written in my mother tongue. I make my living speaking English since I am an English teacher (bear in mind that a good job requires English).

English grammar is easy

It might sound crazy or contradictory to the 4 reasons I mentioned above but English grammar is easy. If you compare English grammar with another languages’ grammar then you will realize that English grammar can be mastered with much less effort than you would need to master other language’ grammar. You just need about 20 percent of the grammar in order to speak English well (this doesn’t mean you speak English correct or perfect). However, everybody improve their English abilities according to their needs.

These are the reasons why I think English is an easy and a difficult language to learn.

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