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ESL/EFL Lesson Plan | My favorite sport


This is another ESL/EFL lesson that I am going to do with my students in the second semester but this lesson is for grade 7 students (13 years old). This is a very simple lesson and its purpose is to teach students how to talk about their favorite sport. Again, there are 45 students in the class and the lesson lasts just 45 minutes.

Unlocking vocabulary

I always start the lesson with the vocabulary part because once the vocabulary is known everything seems to be fine. There are always good students in each class who are able to identify all of the vocabulary items for that lesson. I always use pictures when teaching vocabulary and if time allows I prepare for them a “match the pictures with the words” activity.

The vocabulary words for this lesson are: soccer (football), volleyball, basketball, badminton, team, player, and World Cup.


Once the vocabulary is done, it’s time for the receptive task. I always do listening as a receptive task followed by an “answer the questions” exercise for checking their understanding of the listening task.

This is the text that I am going to read for them (at least twice):

One of the most popular sport in Vietnam is soccer. It is played by two teams of eleven players each using a ball known as football or soccer ball. Almost every Vietnamese man loves soccer. I play soccer every Saturday afternoon with my friends and we always watch World Cup on TV. Other popular sports in Vietnam are volleyball, basketball, and badminton.


In order to check that the text I’ve just read is understood, the listening task is followed by an “answer the questions” task and here are my questions:

Once the questions are answered, the teacher should project the text on the board, so the students can copy it in their notebooks or have a student writing it on the bard if there isn’t a projector in the class.
There are two reasons for doing that:

Writing and speaking

Of course, after the receptive task, a productive task is needed.
Based on the example provided by the teacher during the listening task have the students write in their notebooks a short paragraph about their favorite sport. Once everything is written in their notebooks they can speak in front of their classmates.

The teacher can ask two students to come in front of the class; one student asks the questions from the question task and another student answers.

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