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ESL/EFL listening and speaking activity

This is a great activity for learners of English to practice listening and speaking skills. The greatest part is that it can be easily played with large ESL classes.

The teacher chooses several topics that are interesting and level appropriate for his students (I chose: countries, animals, colors, food, and English grammar). Choose five questions (or more, according to the length of the lesson) for each topic. The questions must have a different level of difficulty so the easiest question has one point value and the most difficult one has a five point value.

ESL/EFL listening and speaking activity

Write on the board the topics and numbers from 1 to 5 (which represent the questions of the topic) for each topic. Divide the class into 2 or more teams. Although I was criticized for dividing students into “girls team” vs “boys team”, I still do it because the students like it. I tried different other ways of dividing them but they were not receptive.

Start with girls team first and tell them to choose a topic and a number (which represents the number of points value of the question). For example: countries 3 (the 3 point question of the topic “countries”). If they answer correct they will get 3 points. If they don’t answer correct the boys team can answer. The game continues until all of the questions are answered. The team that earned more points is the winner.

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