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ESL/EFL teachers in Vietnam | Requirements and expectations

If you consider teaching English in Vietnam then you should know what the requirements and expectations are.

As an English teacher you are expected to have a bachelor degree in any field (preferred in teaching field), to be a native speaker of English (preferred American), “white skin” (this is how they called us; they mean Caucasian), and a Teaching Certificate (such as CELTA or equivalent).

Having one of them, I will say is a must, but I know many teachers who don’t have any degree or certificate (but they are native speakers of English). If you are a non-native speaker of English (like me) then the things will be more complicated. All above requirements are essential in order to find a teaching job (you will also need a lot of luck).

Appearance is another decisive factor in finding a teaching job in Vietnam. In some cases it is much more important than any other mentioned above. Dress well, young, and handsome/beautiful is the first thing the interviewer sees. If interviewer is happy with your appearance then chances to get the job are at least 70%. Teaching experience accumulated in Vietnam makes another 15% and the rest is up to you (and of course, the interviewer). For sure, your appearance makes the difference.

Students’ expectations are very high, you will be asked to wear shirt and tie and teach them English in a funny way. If you are not a funny guy (like me) then probably you won’t have much work to do here. Personally, I lost several classes because students complained that I am not funny. Bear in mind that English Centers are businesses and students are their customers. First of all students have to be happy and they are happy if you are funny.

You will be expected to teach different English levels (from beginner to advance), different ages and different courses (such as international courses TOEIC, IELTS etc).

Everybody can be an English teacher as long he/she speaks good English, is white skin, and have a teaching certificate. Everything else will be a big plus and will lead in a better working environment, better salary, and probably a better work done.

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