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ESL lesson plan | Speaking and Listening | Social Networking | Facebook

Every English teacher, including me, has hard time choosing a good topic for an ESL lesson for teenagers. This lesson is a simple lesson suitable for teenagers and it can lead to interesting discussions since it treats a hot topic, social networking, in particular Facebook.


Note: I usually teach vocabulary before the reading/listening task since I want my student to understand what they listen to.


Teacher reads, students listen

As many other people I have a Facebook account. Because I am a Romanian living in Vietnam, I use Facebook mainly to keep in touch with my family and my friends from Romania. I usually share pictures and thoughts, and sometimes chat with them. As you can see, using Facebook has many advantages. However, there are many disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage is that Facebook is time-consuming. People spend too much time on Facebook because it offers many games and entertainment applications which are very addictive. Facebook is number one reason why students postpone their school work.


Keep in touch, share, thoughts, advantages, disadvantages, time consuming, entertainment application, addictive, postpone.


Note: The writing/speaking task is designed for my beginner students. It can be easily modified according to the level of your students.


With your own words write two advantages and two disadvantages of using Facebook or other social networking website. Share them with your classmates.

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