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ESL Lesson Plan | Work, Jobs, and Occupations

This is an ESL lesson plan on work, jobs, and occupations that can be adapted for all levels.


Teacher asks questions to introduce to learners the topic of the lesson.

Vocabulary (Pre-teaching vocabulary)

For this particularly lesson, vocabulary can be taught using pictures.

Vocabulary words: doctor, taxi driver, teacher, policeman, engineer, accountant, chef, farmer, mechanic, singer, subject, foreign, demand, public school, kindergarten, language center.


Students listen twice then answer the questions.

Teachers work in schools. Usually, a teacher teaches only one subject. Nowadays, one of the most popular subjects is English and English teachers are highly respected in Vietnam. Vietnamese teachers of English and foreign teachers of English are both in high demand and they usually work for more than one school. They teach in the morning for public schools and kindergartens, and in the evening for language centers.



Speaking Task 1

Speaking Task 2

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