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Few mistakes every learner of English should avoid

Learners of English tend to think in their mother language first and then translate everything into English. Sometimes, English language doesn’t seem to be very logical, at least in learners of ESL/EFL eyes because they always compare English with their mother tongue. Below are the most common mistakes made by learners of English.

Wrong: Look – it rains.
Correct: Look – it’s raining.

Wrong: It’s often raining here.
Correct: It often rains here.

Wrong:When I was 20 I was smoking.
Correct: When I was 20 I smoked.

Wrong: I have seen Louis yesterday.
Correct: I saw Louis yesterday.

Wrong: We’re living here since April.
Correct: We’ve been living here since April.

Wrong: I’ll phone you when I will arrive.
Correct: I’ll phone you when I arrive.

Wrong: I’m not believing him.
Correct: I don’t believe him.

Wrong: I am born in Chicago.
Correct: I was born in Chicago.

Wrong: My sister has 15 years.
Correct: My sister is 15 (years old).

Wrong: I have cold in this house.
Correct: I am cold in this house.

Wrong: I can to swim.
Correct: I can swim.

Wrong: I must see the dentist yesterday.
Correct: I had to see the dentist yesterday.

Wrong: I want go home.
Correct: I want to go home.

Wrong: I came here for study English.
Correct: I came here to study English.

Wrong: I drove there without to stop.
Correct: I drove there without stopping.

Wrong: Where I can buy stamps?
Correct: Where can I buy stamps?

Wrong: Is ready my new office?
Correct: Is my new office ready?

Wrong: I’m no asleep.
Correct: I’m not asleep.

Wrong: She looked, but she didn’t see nothing.
Correct: She didn’t see anything/she saw nothing.

Wrong: Where is station?
Correct: Where is the station?

Wrong: My sister is photographer.
Correct: My sister is a photographer.

Wrong: You speak a very good English.
Correct: You speak very good English.

Wrong: The life is difficult.
Correct: Life is difficult.

Wrong: I haven’t got some free time today.
Correct: I haven’t got any free time today.

Wrong: Everybody were late.
Correct: Everybody was late.

Wrong: It is more cold today.
Correct: It is colder today.

Wrong: It’s too much hot in this house.
Correct: It’s too hot in this house.

Wrong: The man which lives here is from Greece.
Correct: The man who lives here is from Greece.

Wrong: The people in this town is very friendly.
Correct: The people in this town are very friendly.

Wrong: She never listen me.
Correct: She never listens to me.

Wrong: We went at the seaside on Sunday.
Correct: We went to the seaside on Sunday.

Wrong: I like very much skiing.
Correct: I very much like skiing/ I like skiing very much.

Wrong: This soup isn’t enough hot.
Correct: This soup isn’t hot enough.

Wrong: I gave to her my address.
Correct: I gave her my address.

Wrong: I have done a mistake.
Correct: I have made a mistake.

For a better understanding of English language you should analyze each mistake from the examples and try to translate these sentences in your mother tongue. For example, in my native language (Romanian) I will say “I have 34 years” instead of “I am 34 years old”. There are many examples but the best way is to analyze them by yourself and try to avoid these mistakes. Good luck!

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