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Finding an English teaching job in Vietnam that offers a work permit

This article is about finding an English teaching job in Vietnam that offers a work permit. This question comes from one of my YouTube viewers and it says:

I have been looking at teaching in Hanoi for a while now and have been applying from the U.S. but it seems everyone wants you in country, one big question I have is that I wish to teach but by the books and want a legal work visa and permit, can I actually LEGALLY acquire this there or do I need to prior to entry like China?
Also how long would it take (weeks, months) to simply show up and get a job. 3+ years swimming instructor (k-Adult), AS in IT and BA in Geography minor History, 4 months substitute teaching experience with sub permit.

As I mentioned many times, to find a job in Vietnam you have to be in Vietnam. I am not very sure why, but Vietnamese don’t answer emails and they don’t hire you if they don’t see you.

“Working by the books” in Vietnam is not easy. First of all you have to find the school (a foreign school) that needs a person with your qualifications and skills. Again, just a foreign school can hire foreigners by the books. There aren’t so many foreign schools and usually they are real schools, not language centers. That’s why many of them (if not all) require a university degree in teaching field.

My advice is: come to Vietnam, find a teaching job (not necessary by the books) and while you are here, teaching English, try to find a teaching job that offers a legal work visa and permit.

How long it takes to find a job is very hard to say. Usually everybody finds a teaching job within a month but I always recommend everybody to be prepared to live without a job for three months and have enough money to support himself (or herself) for six months.

To find a job as you wish (with working visa and working permit) it might take longer. They usually hire teachers at the beginning of the school year but not only. Once you are here, it is easy to find your dream job. Sooner or later it’s going to happen.

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