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Getting a working visa as an English teacher in Vietnam without a college degree

“Thanks again Dan. I am still curious-If I do find a school that will hire me without a college degree, my not having a degree would impose further problems in dealing with the VISA/work permit issue?”

This is actually an interesting question and I think that it will clarify many things for many people who would like to teach English in Vietnam.

First you have to understand one thing, Vietnam is Vietnam and other countries are other countries. Laws are strange here and they are applied only if that “police guy” wants to apply them.

If you want a working permit, as an English teacher in Vietnam, you must be a native speaker of English (only several countries are considered to be English speaking countries), you must have a university degree, and a CELTA/TESOL certificate from one of the recognized schools.

Then, you need to find a school that is allowed to hire foreigners. As I know, Vietnamese companies CAN NOT hire foreigners. ONLY foreign companies and joint-stock companies can hire foreigners. Moreover, the school has to prove that they couldn’t find a Vietnamese for that particular position so they have to hire a foreigner.

That’s why ENGLISH TEACHERS IN VIETNAM WORK ILLEGALLY. Not all of them, of course, but most of them work illegally. You can extend your tourist visa every three months over and over again. What do they think?! Nobody stays in Vietnam for tourist purposes for three years!

Everybody knows that once you extend your tourist visa means that you found a teaching job. I have a tourist visa too, a visa that I extend every three months. My daughter is in the same situation! She extends visa every three months too, although she studies in a public Vietnamese school.

Why Vietnamese authorities don’t do anything about it? Because they need us! Because they need foreigner English teachers as they need air! Because Vietnamese English teachers have poor pronunciation! So, the work permit problem is ruled out because it is very unlikely to have a work permit!

99.9% percent of the English teachers in Vietnam have a tourist visa. To get and extend a tourist visa you do not need a college degree!

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