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Great vocabulary building game

Building vocabulary is one of the most important parts of learning English and it is also the most difficult part, at least in my opinion. Foreign learners of English can build their vocabulary in many ways but one of the most effective way (and also pleasant) is through games.

Not long time ago, browsing the Internet, I came across a great vocabulary building game on LinkedIn website. The game was posted by Meni Porat and it is a very simple but effective game that will definitely help your students to build a solid English vocabulary.

The game’s rules are very simple but I have to admit that completing the game is not. Teacher writes on the board a word, preferably a short word (such as “to”) and students have to add one letter to create a new word.

To –> Toe

To make the game a little bit more challenging the teacher can ask the learners to make at least three or four (or even more) words. If you want it more difficult then you can limit the vocabulary to nouns only (or verbs only, adjectives only, or any other combination).

The letters do not have to be in the same order; they can be mixed and rearranged.

To –> Toe –> Tone –> Tenor

The plural form of nouns and the third person singular present simple form are not allowed. However, irregular forms are allowed (men, mice etc).

This is a simple vocabulary enhancement game that I believe is funny and effective enough to be part of your lesson plans. I just found this vocabulary building game yesterday so I have not tried it yet but I will.

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