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Improve your pronunciation and other skills with text-to-speech programs

Few days ago, browsing the net, I learned something interesting. There are software called "text readers" (or as they are also known, "text-to-speech programs"). I have never heard about something like that before so I checked it out. I typed “text reader” in the Google’s search box and visited the first website shown on the search result’s page,

Basically, software like this will read for you any text. This is interesting! It also has ability to convert any text into audio file. I installed it in my computer and I tried it (it can be installed on a Windows or Mac computer).

There are 5 versions of this particularly software but only one is free. The free version doesn’t speak with a natural voice; you will know immediately that it is a robot who is speaking. However, I found the robot voice more than acceptable, with great pronunciation, and acceptable intonation. The most advanced version has up to 8 natural voices to choose from. The free version can not convert text files into audio files; all other versions can. Other interesting features are the ability to adjust the speed of speech and every pronounced word is highlighted.

Here are few ways to use this kind of software to improve your pronunciation/listening skills (or English in general):

I am pretty sure that there are many other useful things that you can do to improve your English skills with such software.

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