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Learning English difficulties for Vietnamese | Adjectives and adjectival comparison

Unlike English, Vietnamese adjectives follow nouns or pronouns. This leads to mistakes in most cases. An even bigger problem is the use of the followed by an adjective, as in the rich, the poor, the old etc.

Big house = (Vn.) nhà lớn (lit. house – big)
Beautiful car = (Vn.) xe hơi đẹp (lit. car – beautiful)
Old person = (Vn.) người già (lit. person – old)

In the "–er than/more than" type of comparison, Vietnamese word order is: Subject + Adjective + More Than + Object of Comparison.

My wife is older than me = (Vn) Vợ tôi già hơn tôi (lit. Wife – me – old – more – than – I)

In the "not as ... as" type of comparison Vietnamese word order can take two forms:
Subject + not + Adjective + equal to + object of comparison
Subject + Adjective + not + equal to + object of comparison

He is not as old as I am = (Vn.) Anh không già bằng tôi (lit. Old brother – not – old – equal to – I)
He is not as old as I am = (Vn.) Anh già không bằng tôi (lit. Old brother – old – not – equal to – I)

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