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My house | Prepositions of location | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

The purpose of the lesson: Identifying objects in the house; Using prepositions of location
Size of the class: 40 students
Age: 11-12 years old
Level: Elementary

Because this is a vocabulary lesson, the visual aids the teacher uses in the class are the most important. I am going to use a picture which will be projected on the board. Last year I drew the house then I invited the students to draw the objects. They enjoy it but unfortunately it takes to long time. This is how the board looks like at the beginning of the lesson:

My house | Prepositions of location | ESL/EFL lesson plan

I have chosen objects that most of us have in the house. Some of the objects are well known by student, even at elementary level.

The teacher tells students to come on the board and tag the objects they already know. Probably the students know: ball, chair, table, and bed.

My house | Prepositions of location | ESL/EFL lesson plan

Once the objects are tagged, the teacher exemplifies the pronunciation then the whole class repeats. Last year when I did the lesson, my students checked their books and tagged all of the words. All I had to do after that was to work with them on pronunciation.

At this point, the teacher might want to teach more vocabulary that is not on the board. Students can come on the board and draw one object in each room of the house (example: bathtub in the bathroom, a painting in the bedroom, a vase with flowers in the living room, and a fridge in the kitchen). Now the teacher can point out and tag the rooms (kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom).

Teaching preposition of location (on, under, next to, in front of, behind) can easily be done using the objects on the board or real objects available in the classroom.

The ball is under the table.
The lamp is on the television.
The fan is behind the bed.
The waste basket is in front of the wardrobe.
The toilet is next to the basin

Playing a game with the students is always a good idea. In our situation, hangman is definitely the best choice. The teacher chooses a word related to the topic of the lesson and points out that the word is not on the board but everybody has one at home.

My house | Prepositions of location | ESL/EFL lesson plan

As a final activity, the teacher asks students to draw their own bedroom with the objects positioned as they actually are and then in pairs describe it.

There is a bed, a wardrobe, a table, a computer, a chair, and a fan in my bedroom. The fan is next to the bed and the wardrobe is in front of the bed. There is a computer on the table.

To make the activity more complex, the teacher can ask the students to use all of the prepositions of location.

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