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My vacation | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

The lesson focuses at the beginning on listening and at the end on speaking. The simple past is reviewed in this lesson through the context of vacation. The –ed endings and irregular verbs is the pronunciation main point of the lesson.

The text:
Lam lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and there is always hot. Last winter vacation he and his wife decided to go to a 10 day vacation in Korea to escape the heat and enjoy the cold weather and snow in Gangwon-do Province in Korea. They flew there with Vietnam Airlines and they stayed at a very nice hotel. When they got to the ski resort there was a heat wave and all the snow was melted. What can you do in a ski resort without snow? They just sat in cafes and argued for 9 days. In the 10th day, before coming back home, it started snowing again and the temperature dropped below freezing point. Everybody was so excited but not them; they were coming back to Vietnam’s heat.

Step 1 – Warm-up

The teacher writes on the board “my last vacation” and then tells students to ask him as many questions as possible about his vacation in order to get as many details as possible.

Step 2 – Listening

The teacher reads the text twice (or three times) and ask students questions (see the step 4 – speaking).

Step 3 – Grammar (-ed endings and irregular verbs)

The purpose of this step is to have students pronouncing correctly the –ed endings of verbs in past tense. An article about pronouncing –ed endings can be seen here:Pronouncing –ed endings.

The teacher reads the text again then asks students to write the verbs in past tense in two different columns (one column for regular verbs and one column for irregular verbs. Give students more examples of regular verbs in past tense and go through pronunciation with them. Vietnamese learners of English have hard time pronouncing the past tense of verbs.

Step 4 – Speaking

Tell students to think about answers of the following questions about their vacation:

In pairs, ask and answer the question. First student A ask and student B answer then change roles.

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