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Length of the lesson: 40 minutes
Topic: School and friends
Tasks: Introduce others, ask for and give personal information, ask about transportation and distances
Language focus: question words

Lead-in (5 minutes)

Teacher asks if there is any new student in the class. If the answer is "yes" then this lead-in part can be use to review “introduce yourself” topic by having students asking questions (Example: Where are you from? How old are you? What is your phone number? etc.)

Presentation – Teacher reads students listen (5 minutes)

Nam is a new student. He is 13 years old and he is from Dalat but he moved this summer to Ho Chi Minh City with his family. He lives on Le Loi street in District 1. It is not very far from school, just 5 minutes away.
Nam is sad because he doesn’t have any friends in Ho Chi Minh City. The new school is much bigger than the old school in Dalat. The new school has a lot of students and it is very beautiful but Nam misses his old school and his friends from Dalat.

Answer the questions (7 minutes)

Where is Nam from?
When did he move to Ho Chi Minh City?
How old is Nam?
Where does Nam live?
How far is it from his house to school?
Why is Nam sad?
What does Nam miss?

Production (5 minutes)

Ask your partner where he lives, how far it is from his house to school, and how he travels to school. Fill in the following form.

Name __________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
Means of transport ________________________________________________________
Distance ________________________________________________________________

Speaking (18 minutes)

Students present the survey to the class in oral form.

Nam lives at (the address). He goes to school by (mean of transport). It is about (distance) from his house to school.

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