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Passive voice in past simple | ESL/EFL lesson plan

The focus of the lesson: Passive voice in past simple
Size of the class: 40 students
Age: 14 years old/grade 8
Level: Beginner/A2
Length of the lesson: 45 minutes

The lesson focuses on passive voice in past simple in English language. An example is provided at the beginning of the lesson. Based on the example the students have to complete different tasks. Successful completion of a task is rewarded.

Below is the example I am going to provide at the beginning of the lesson:
I ask a student to come in front of the class, I ask him “what is your name?”, then he has to write the answer on the board.

Write / Wrote / Written
My name is Lam.
Lam wrote this English sentence.
This English sentence was written by Lam.

Passive voice in past simple | ESL/EFL lesson plan

Once the example is provided and explained (In the first example we care about Lam and in the second example our focus is the English sentence written on the board) we can go ahead and ask students to complete the following task based on the example already provided.

I am going to project on the board the picture that is shown below. Students have to match parts of the sentence in order to form a complete sentence as it is shown in the example. The task might be a little bit challenging but I am pretty confident because my students (usually all Vietnamese students) are very good at solving this kind of tasks.

Passive voice in past simple | ESL/EFL lesson plan

Below are the sentences that have to be formed by the students by matching parts of the sentence.

The ice cream was eaten by the dog. (Passive voice)
The dog ate the ice cream. (Active voice)

The most difficult test this year was given by my English teacher.
My English teacher gave us the most difficult test.

This book was written by John Smith.
John Smith wrote this book.

The child was bitten by a snake.
A snake bit the child.

The computer was chosen by my daughter.
My daughter chose the computer.

The homework was done by his brother.
His brother did the homework.

The car was driven by a monkey.
A monkey drove the car.

The student who match correctly a sentence has to write it on the board in the table.

Verb Example Focus
Eat (base form) - -
Ate (Past Tense) The dog ate the ice cream. (Active Voice) The dog
Eaten (Past Participle) The ice cream was eaten by the dog. (Passive Voice) The ice cream

I am going to use funny videos as a reward. My students love funny videos and there are plenty of them on YouTube. The student who completes a sentence (active voice + passive voice) can pick up a video to be watched with the whole class. There will be six videos on the screen (one for each sentence) but only three of them will be real videos (between one and two minutes). The other three will be fake videos that last just a few seconds.

As a productive task the teacher asks students to make three sentences in active voice and three sentences in passive voice using the verbs below:
Hide Hid Hidden
Draw Drew Drawn
Take Took Taken

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