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Phrasal Verbs | ESL/EFL lesson plan

The focus of the lesson: Phrasal verbs formed with the verb “break”.
Size of the class: 40 students
Age: 14 years old/grade 8
Level: Beginner/A2
Length of the lesson: 45 minutes

Phrasal verbs are definitely a big challenge for any learner of English. Some learners find mastering the usage of phrasal verbs a very important thing because, according to them, using them correctly makes your English to sound better.

For this lesson I have chosen the verb “break” since it is a very commonly used one. It has many more meanings than are presented in this lesson but because the lesson lasts only 45 minutes I decided to pick up just five meanings.

First the teacher shows students five pictures and asks them what they represent. Below are the pictures:

Phrasal verbs | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan Phrasal verbs | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan Phrasal verbs | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan Phrasal verbs | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan Phrasal verbs | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

The teacher writes on the board the following words the students have to focus on:
Break / Broke / Broken
Broken down, break something down, broke in, broke up, and broke out

Students have to match the pictures with the words as it is shown below. I don’t expect them to do it right from the first moment but with a little help the task will be successfully completed.

Phrasal verbs | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

All of the pictures above are projected on the board.

The next task is a little bit more challenging for them. The following picture is projected on the board:

Phrasal verbs | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

Students have to form sentences with the given words by matching the words from the first rectangle with the matching phrasal verbs from the second rectangle. Finally, they have to complete the sentence by writing in the blanks (in the third rectangle) the words from the bottom of the picture. The teacher provides an example.

Below is the board plan:

Phrasal verbs | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

Break down
My motorbike is broken down. I need a garage.
Break down = stop functioning (any kind of machine, vehicle, computer etc.)

Break something down
I don’t usually break the lesson down into two parts.
Break something down = divide something into two or more pieces/parts

Break in
A thief broke in and stole our money.
Break in = enter someone’s house by force

Break up
We broke up before Lunar New Year.
Break up = the end of a relationship

Break out
He broke out of prison because the guard wasn’t watching him.
Break out = to emerge or escape

As a productive task, in pairs (or small groups), students make three more sentences using the phrasal verbs learned in this lesson.

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