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Reported speech (Indirect speech) in English language

Direct speech Reported (indirect) speech
"I love you." He said that he loved her.
"I want to see you tomorrow." He told her that he wanted to see her again.
"I can help you." He said that he could help me.
"I spoke to him." He told me that he had spoken to him.
"I will learn the lesson." He told me that he would learn the lesson.
"I have been at home since 5 o’clock." He said that he had been at home since 5 o’clock.
"Do you want to eat?" He asked her if she wanted to eat.
"Where do you study?" He asked her where she studied.

Additional notes:
“That” is optional after “say” and “tell”.
In reported speech pronouns also change (I – He/She).
You can’t use “said” with an object or pronoun. (Do not say: He said her he loved her.)
You must use “told” with an object. (Do not say: He told that ...)
In reported questions the tenses change in the same way as they change in reported sentences.
Don’t use “do/did” in reported questions.
In reported questions add “if” if the question begins with do, can, would, could.

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