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Should I work for ILA school in Vietnam

This is a question that comes from one of my YouTube viewers and it is related to ILA school from Vietnam:

“I have heard back from a company called ILA, who you mention in one of your videos and they’d like to interview me but I’ve taken a look at and there are some very damning reviews on there about the company and how they treat their teachers. Is it possible you could tell me anything more about the reputation of this company?”

Should I work for ILA Vietnam

First of all I want to say that there is no perfect school with perfect reviews. There is no school that can make everybody happy. Definitely ILA is not a perfect school but it is a reputable school and I know many teachers who worked there and had a good experience.

I completed my CELTA in 2009 at ILA and my experience with the school was a good one. Unlike other schools, ILA has everything a teacher needs and everything a learner of English needs.

I heard that ILA requires teachers to submit the lesson plan before every class they are going to teach and that lesson plan has to be approved by a supervisor. The lesson plan has to be done according to Cambridge ESOL teaching methodologies but that is not a bad thing. So, they are stricter probably and maybe that’s why they have some bad reviews online.

All I know about ILA is through my short experience with them during my CELTA. I do know several teachers who worked for ILA and they had a good experience. I also know a few learners of English who are studying English there (they are students there at this moment) and they are totally happy.

I do recommend everyone to work for ILA and if they don’t like then there are many other schools that would be more than happy to hire you. One more advantage is that if you have ILA in your CV as a teaching experience then it would be easier to get a teaching job at another school.

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