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Stress within complex words in English | Word pairs

A special type of words is word pairs. There is a relatively large number of two-syllable words with identical spelling but with a different stress placement. All of them consist of prefix + stem.

Insult (noun) /ˈɪn sʌlt/
Insult (verb) /ɪnˈsʌlt/
Permit (noun) /’pərmɪt/
Permit (verb) /pərˈmɪt/
Protest (noun) /ˈproʊ tɛst/
Protest (verb) /prəˈtɛst/
Perfect (adjective) /ˈpɜr fɪkt/
Perfect (verb) /pərˈfɛkt/

These are just few examples but they all follow the same rule, apparently according to word class (noun, verb, or adjective).

Observing all these special type of words we can formulate the following rule:
In the case of pair words that consist of prefix + stem (that are spelt identically) the stress will be place on the second syllable if the word pair is a verb and on the first syllable if the word pair is a noun or adjective.

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