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Talking about other people | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

The purpose of the lesson: Talk about other people; describe other people; Present Simple to talk about general truths
Size of the class: 40 students
Age: 14 years old/grade 8
Level: Beginner/A1
Length of the lesson: 40 minutes

In this lesson, the students learn to describe/talk about other people and the Present Simple tense (the 3rd person singular) is practiced as well.

Stage 1

The teacher tells students the name of his best friend.
The students ask questions about the teacher’s best friend.

Personally, for this lesson, I am going to use my wife as my best friend. I know that the students are eager to find out more details about teacher’s personal life.

The teacher writes the questions (questions asked by the students) on the board (in the correct form) and the answers. The teacher shouldn’t be very critic at this stage, let the students ask as many questions as possible. Overcorrecting leads to inhibition and probably the students won’t ask any more questions. However, writing on the board the correct form of the question provides an example for future questions and it might recall the theory already learned.

Possible mistakes here can be: the usage of “does” and word order in questions.

Stage 2

What the students have to produce at the end of the lesson is something like the following paragraph.

My best friend is (the name of the friend). He is tall/short, fat/thin and has long/short curly/straight hair. He is very friendly/kind/nice and hard-working student who always gets good grades. He likes to play football/tennis/basketball and he enjoys listening to music/watching TV/playing computer games. He lives very far away from my house/very near my house, so he doesn’t visit/visits me very often.

In order to have students producing a paragraph similar with the above one, the teacher has to provide the appropriate vocabulary. I am going to use pictures projected on the board for teaching vocabulary. Elicitation and pronunciation corrections are done at this stage.

Long hair/Short hair
Curly hair/Straight hair
Listening to music
Watching TV
Playing computer games

Below is the board plan. The students come to the board and match the pictures with the words.

Talking about other people | ESL lesson plan

Stage 3

Producing a short description based on some vocabulary is definitely a difficult task for learners of English. The teacher might want to provide a little help in form of questions, as is shown on the board plan.

Stage 4

The students write a short paragraph describing their best friends.

Stage 5

Working in pairs, the students read the description to each other; the listener asks questions for more details.

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