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Talking about past events | ESL/EFL Lesson Plan

The purpose of the lesson: Talk about past events
Size of the class: 40 students
Age: 14 years old/grade 8
Level: Beginner/A1
Length of the lesson: 40 minutes

Stage 1 – Reading

Task 1 – Read the paragraphs A-D and order them 1-4 in a logical order (example provided).

A. ( ) They left Ho Chi Minh City in the morning at six o’clock and got to Dalat at two o’clock in the afternoon. They went to Dalat by bus. It took them eight hours to get there.
B. (1) Last year Nguyen went on vacation to Dalat with his parents and his sister. They chose Dalat because they wanted to escape from the heat of Ho Chi Minh City.
C. ( )Ten days later Nguyen and his family came back to Ho Chi Minh City. This time they traveled by bus at night. It took them just four hours to get to Ho Chi Minh City.
D. ( )They stayed at a very nice hotel, they visited amazing places and the weather was great.

Below is the vocabulary that might be helpful for my Vietnamese students to understand the paragraphs and the instructions.

Choose = chọn
Escape = thoát
Heat = nhiệt
Travel = du lịch
Visit = thăm
Paragraph = đoạn
Order = thứ tự
Logical = hợp lý

Task 2 – Answer the following questions

Where did Nguyen go to vacation last year?
Who did he go with?
How did he go there?
Why did he choose Dalat?
Where did he stay?
How long did he stay in Dalat?

Stage 2 - Speaking

Think about your answers to these questions. Write in the notebook the questions and your answers. Work in pairs. Student A asks, student B answers.

Where / go? When?
Who/go with?
How/get there?
How long/he/there?
/have good weather?

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