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Task Based Learning

This is an overview of the Task Based Learning/Lesson method.
This learning method contains three main stages: pre-task, task cycle, and language focus. Each of these stages are also divided in two or more steps.


The teacher:
Introduces and defines the topic.
Uses activities to recall/learn useful words and phrases.
Makes sure the students understand the task instructions.
May play a recording of others doing the same or a similar task.

The students:
Note down useful words and phases that are used to complete the task.
Students are given few minutes to prepare the task.

Task cycle


The students:
Do the task based on a reading or listening text, in pairs or groups.

The teacher:
Monitors and encourage students.


The students:
Prepare to report to the class how they did the task and what they discovered or decided.
Rehearse what they will say or draft a written version for the class to read.

The teacher:
Ensures the purpose of the report is clear.
Acts as language adviser.
Helps students rehearse oral reports or organize written ones.


The students:
Present their spoken report to the class or display their written reports.

The teacher:
Acts as chairperson, selecting who will speak next, or ensuring all students read most of the written reports.
May give brief feedback on content and form.
May play a recording of others doing the same or a similar task.

Language focus


The students:
Do consciousness-raising activities to identify and process specific language features from the task text and/or transcript.
May ask about other features they have noticed.

The teacher:
Reviews each analysis activity with the class.
Bring other useful words, phrases and patterns to student’s attention.
May pick up on language items from the report stage.


The teacher:
Conducts practice activities after analysis activities where necessary, to build confidence.

The students:
Practice words, phrases and patterns from the analysis activities.
Practice other features occurring in the task text or report stage.
Enter useful language items in their language notebooks.

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