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Teaching English for 7-9 year old children

Teaching 7-9 year old children might look easier than teaching 4-6 year old kids but it is not true. Because they are bigger and you can communicate with them it doesn’t mean teaching them is easier. They have different needs and teaching them requires different approach. Below I compiled few characteristics of teaching 7-9 year old kids.

They are starting to think logically and they can see patterns in the language they hear and use. They need to play with the language and experiment as much as possible. For instance, my students love making up their own chants with words that have similar sounds or rhymes.

They are learning a lot of things about the world and they always ask questions. They need answers to things they don’t know, and they need to learn more than just the language. The teacher has to choose interesting topics when teaching them. Interesting topics for this kind of learners might be: animals, dinosaurs, Disney characters etc.

Their reading and writing skills in their first language are still not very good. The teacher must help and support them when doing writing and reading activities. Short and easy activities with a lot of support help them to develop these skills and be successful.

Group activities are not always successful because they still have problems sharing. Activities in group and alone should be done with guidance from the teacher.

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